Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Fright Stuff of Screams

I have an omnipresent need to create things for my haunt. creatures, gizmos, sets, and all the tweaks my chaotic mind can conjure. Most of the props I use for DarKWolF ManoR are hand made. When I originally started making props (nearly ten years ago), I believed that if I made my own props I would save a lot of money. In retrospect I guess this could be true. . .sometimes. Most often the desire for "perfection" means that more money should be spent in order to acquire the materials that are needed to make a CREATION come to LIFE. The gratifying aspect is that these things are hand made. I can step back and realize that like Dr. Frankenstein before me, I have created something that will have a life of it's own.
To facilitate my constant need to create, God has invented the Home Improvement Store. 95% of what makes my haunt work and keeps it working comes from Home Depot or Lowe's. I do get many specialty items from Ebay vendors and various other merchants.
There are however, a few indispensable items that I could never haunt without. Liquid Nails, bailing wire, drywall screws (in various lengths
), zip ties, spray paint, and extension cords, lots and
lots of extension cords. Without the prior items I would not have a haunt. It is a great thing to visualize something in the human mind, commit it to paper, obtain the supplies that are needed, begin the building process, and see the project come to fruition.

It is said that the world is held together by duct tape. Not my world buddy!

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awesome haunt very scary though my brother tanner long was in it he had a good time to